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  • Duke Dumont - Need U 100%

    I feel extremely privileged to make Duke Dumont’s “Need U 100%” the first Win Records release.  When asked what genre I am going to focus on for Win, I have been giving the answer “Dance Crossover.”  Nobody knows exactly what that means, I’m not sure I do either.  But whatever it means—it’s this song.  

    I consider “Need U” the culmination of the last few years of the Dance music explosion.  ”EDM” and all aspects of Dance music have exploded in visibility and popularity.  Despite all of the mainstream press though, I still consider Dance music to be a ghetto and a niche genre.  Even commercial successes like Swedish House Mafia have not exactly crossed over.  There is a big difference in my mind between a niche genre growing a massive following and it crossing over.

    Crossover will always come through songs.  Songs drive the history of music.  So with audiences getting tired of the same repetitive bass drops, real songs like “Need U” are going to be a breath of fresh air.

    Not only does “Need U” combine elements of Classic Disco and R&B with current Deep House and Techno sounds, but it does so within classic and familiar verse-chorus-verse structure that non-dance audiences will find accessible.

    I see the tide shifting, and I’m thrilled to be on board with an artist like Duke Dumont.  I think that in 10 years we’re going to look back at this song being a watershed moment in not only Dance music but music in general.

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